*All Space Clearings include a customized water prayer.

What is meant by "Space Clearing?"

Walk into any home or work space that is cared for and you are immediately affected by its ‘energy.’ Our living and work environments radiate their essence as much as we do ourselves. They reveal the intentional focus of their inhabitants.

If a place has been influenced by a new partnership or an old one, a death, divorce or business deal, the energy of the space changes. In the case of a positive change, a clearing ritual will unite those forces already there. If the change has been negative,  we will work to clear out the old and bring in fresh, life-enhancing energy.

Nadiya describes her work:

"I will introduce different kinds of ritual for this energy work. A basic ritual for clearing perhaps a house for sale, will begin by using sound. A rattle or bells is followed by sage smudging all the space in every room.  I use water infused by sacred sound, usually with a Tibetan singing bowl. Other elements used are fire in the form of candle flame and a crystal or rock, either a sacred rock from my native Ireland or a crystal from sacred ground in Brazil.  

I set up an altar in the center of the main room and begin and end the ritual there.   Clients may be part of the ritual or I can perform it alone following any intentions made known to me beforehand.

Another kind of ritual I perform is an interactive ceremony for couples, individuals, families, or business partners which allows for the creation of new life or celebrates a special occasion.

This work involves a shamanic journey to assist in finding helping animal spirits or powers.  According to Native American tradition, each of us already have helping spirits in animal form; a shamanic journey helps you to connect to those spirit guides.  If you already have a power animal, the journey will renew your connection to that spirit in a more powerful way than our everyday lives often allow. This work can be quite profound. Through the sessions I’ve facilitated I have seen life-changing insights come to many people."



“After some interpersonal difficulties we experienced on our work team, Nadiya Nottingham came to our office and did a Shamanic Space Blessing. She created a context for us to speak openly and vulnerably about how we were each feeling. The ritual she facilitated resulted in a space in which we could speak imaginatively and creatively about the future. The experience was profound yet playful and while dealing with sensitive issues, was filled with laughter and light. Since our work with Nadiya, the connection between all of us on the team has deepened, and we find ourselves busier than ever, working on projects that we love. Thank you, Nadiya!!”

- Paul Browde M.D., co-founder Narativ, Inc.

“My husband and I invited Nadiya into our home for a Shamanic ritual for clearing.   My husband and I had never been on a shamanic journey and we were not sure what to expect but we wanted to clear out some negative energies in our home.  Nadiya gently talked us through a meditative process where we connected with our power animals.   I was not sure if I had a power animal, not only did I have one power animal but I had two!  Whenever I see these animals whether on television or in a photo I am reminded of my strength and stillness I experienced with Nadiya.  It was an incredibly moving journey.  I highly recommend  this to anyone who is feeling the left over heaviness of an old experience or you just want to make a new space for a different energy to enter your life. “ 

-Trisha C., New York City

“We worked with Nadiya to “clear the air” for a client who was selling the apartment of his deceased brother.  The client wanted to offer the apartment to the next owner knowing that the energy of the apartment had been cleared and restored to balance.  Nadiya conducted a thoughtful and respectful ceremony, that was inclusive and uplifting.  We all walked away feeling a bit lighter and freer. Through Nadiya’s work my client was able to sell the apartment with a clear conscience and peace of mind.  She’s a lovely person and does great work! Thank you Nadiya!”

- Peter Poljan, Corcoran Realty, New York City